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Momentum Moments

Momentum Moments

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Momentum MomentsSeptember 13, 2020

In each of our lives, there are key moments that can create momentum in our relationship with God or stop momentum. In this series, we will look at the pivotal moments in the life of Jesus that created momentum in His ministry as He pursued the call of God, and how we can create momentum moments in our own lives.

In This Series

1 Momentum Moments: Part 1August 16  |  Ps. Mike Haman

2 Momentum Moments: Part 2August 23  |  Ps. Mike Haman

3 Momentum Moments: Part 3 - A Day in the Life of JesusAugust 30  |  Ps. Mike Haman

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4 CommunitySeptember 6  |  Ps. Johnny Green

5 Kingdom MomentumSeptember 13  |  Ps. Mike Haman

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