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    Healing Place Church

    19202 Highland Road
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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    • Sundays | 9:00am | Weekend Service

    • Sundays | 11:00am | Weekend Service



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ClearSeptember 19, 2021

Our world today is full of noise as the thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and ideas of everyone around us cloud our view. The spirit of the world offers confusion, but God's Spirit brings clarity. Through this series, we will see how the Holy Spirit gives us clear purpose, clear direction, and allows us to live the life God always wanted for us.

In This Series

1 Who He Is August 15  |  Ps. Mike Haman

2 What He DoesAugust 22  |  Ps. Mike Haman

3 What He GivesAugust 29  |  Ps. Mike Haman

4 How He ShinesSeptember 5  |  Ps. Mike Haman

5 Worship and Prayer ServiceSeptember 19  |  Ps. Mike Haman

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