You + Friends




Thank you so much for deciding to put God first in your friendships!

We truly believe that your growth in God is right around the corner. That’s why we’re here to help you and your friends enjoy great conversations focused on God while keeping it simple and natural. Below you will find clarity on how to get started, discussion guides to stir the conversation around God, and how we'll be there to help. It's that easy!

Let's Get Started!


Gather Your Friends

1. Share this idea about how you want to deepen your relationship with God together.
2. Afterward, schedule a date, time, and where to meet.

We recommend having at least two other people besides yourself, but not so many that everyone cannot be part of the conversation. We also recommend that you try meeting for all 4 topics.


Talk About God

The idea is to grow closer to God together. This means that God should be the topic of your conversation. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a Biblical scholar, but rather simply stir a conversation using the guides provided in the link below.


Pray Together

We believe that powerful things happen when God's people gather in prayer. Take time and pray for and during your gatherings. Pray about who you will invite ahead of time, and that He will bring His truth to life as you dialogue. Ask for prayer needs while you meet, and pray to close out your time together.


Out of Content?

No worries, we've got you covered!
When you're done with the conversations above, we'd love to talk and discuss what can be next.

Out of Content?

No worries, we've got you covered!
When you're done with the conversations above, we'd love to talk and discuss what can be next.

Meet Virtually!

because distance should never stand in the way of true friendships!

Simply reach out to your friends and schedule a time to meet using one of these online video services!

Need a little help or advice?

Check out this article from Lifeway or Email Us!


Anybody! Start with friends that you would normally hang out with, and don’t be afraid to invite that coworker you’ve wanted to talk to about God. Please be mindful of healthy co-ed situations.

The idea behind gathering with your friends is to be genuine with one another. For some, this can look like a total of four people while some gather in larger numbers. As a church, we would ask that you gather with at least three or more people. Whoever God brings, do your best to make sure that everyone is valued and has an opportunity to be known. 

In any healthy relationship, consistency is critical. It is ideal to meet as often as possible. A weekly gathering is optimal, but schedules sometimes don’t always allow for that. Just do your best to be intentionally consistent, and try to commit to all of the sessions in the series.

We are always here for you. As mentioned, a ministry leader will be in contact with you, and they will be that resource for these moments and any other questions.

We would love to help you continue meeting. At the end of the series, your ministry leader will be following up with you to celebrate and to help you continue meeting as a group.

The one main requirement to be an official small group leader at HPC is to complete the Next Steps track and become an official church member. We highly recommend beginning our Next Steps class if you haven’t already to expedite your timing. CLICK HERE for more information on Next Steps.


After you ask a question, let the people sit for a moment and think. Silence isn’t always a bad thing.

Be sure to affirm people’s comments, but do not be artificial with your praise. Be delicate with answers that are clearly wrong. Do not feel like you have to finish, complete, or correct an answer.

We are human, and it’s good for people to see that you are limited.

We have provided a discussion guide with specific questions, but feel free to generate your own questions during your preparation and even on the spot.

Ask questions that generate discussion, and that gets people to explain their answers. Allow multiple people to respond even if the first person gets the “right” answer. Be careful not to be “preachy.”

Encourage everyone to deal with the material on their own terms. Create a climate where people feel the freedom to ask any question.

If someone’s answer or comment is long-winded or unclear, repeat it back (summarize it) for clarity. This proves you are listening, and it keeps the attention of the rest of the group.

After a person answers a question, ask “Would anyone like to add to that?” or “Does everyone agree/disagree with that?”.

Don’t go down a rabbit trail and leave the topics and Scripture passages unless something “big time” comes up. (ex: a family crisis) Always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

This allows people to open up because they feel their environment is safe. However, don’t keep potentially dangerous information to yourself. (ex: abuse, suicide, destructive intentions, etc.) These situations must be reported to HPC staff immediately. When in doubt, report urgent situations.