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    Healing Place Church

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Go public with your faith!

Baptism is the outward expression of your inner commitment to God. It’s a way to celebrate your new life in Christ. We are so excited that you have chosen to be baptized at Healing Place Church. It is very important to us that each person who is baptized at Healing Place Church understand what we believe about the doctrine of water baptism.

We believe we should follow the Lord’s example when He was baptized by John. In Matthew 3:15, Jesus told John that he should be baptized to fulfill all righteousness. Though we do not believe it is a condition of salvation, it is a crucial part of our testimony that we indeed are Disciples of Christ.

Registration for Water Baptism on September 9 is now open.

**If your child accepted Jesus as their Savior during the VBS experience and you feel they are ready, the next step in their faith is Water Baptism.**

As a follower of Christ, we need to make our decision public by getting baptized! If your child is at least 7 years old, you can sign them up to be baptized by clicking the button below.  Online registration will close Thursday night in order to prepare for Sunday, so please be sure to register before then!

Please contact us at baptism@healingplacechurch.org for questions or more information.

Need Prayer?

We would love to pray for you!