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All The Feels

All The Feels

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All The FeelsMay 27, 2018

Our emotions can be all over the place. Anyone can be driven along by powerful feelings that shape the way we think, act and live our lives. They push us to love, to give, to share ourselves with others in ways that make us unique in all of God’s creation. But then there are those other emotions - the ones that drive us away from what’s right, the ones that make us nurse grudges and obsess over trivial things and get hung up on past hurts. Is there a way to navigate all these feelings and still look like Jesus on the other side? How do we handle the ups and downs of our emotions in a way that pleases the Lord? In this series, we dive into the Psalms and the stories that inspired them. We’ll look at how people in the Bible felt about their circumstances and what their examples can teach us about how we process our own emotions. It’s time to make sense of All the Feels.

In This Series

1 Sadness vs. Joy April 15  |  Ps. Mike Haman

2 Fear vs. Confidence April 22  |  Ps. Mike Haman

3 Anger vs. MercyApril 29  |  Ps. Mike Haman

4 Envy vs. ContentmentMay 6  |  Ps. Mike Haman

5 Loneliness vs ConnectingMay 20  |  Ps. Mike Haman

6 Pride vs. HumilityMay 27  |  Ps. Mike Haman

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