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    Healing Place Church

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Short-Term Trip FAQS

What does the cost of the trip cover?

The cost of the trip includes travel expenses, food (3 meals per day), and lodging while on the trip. It does not include personal spending money or snacks during travel.

Will I receive any training?

Yes, training meetings will be mandatory. For several weeks prior to the trip, we will be fasting and praying together and meeting to prepare for what we’re hoping to accomplish on this particular trip.

Who makes the travel arrangements?

HPC will make all necessary travel arrangements for the entire team.

Do I have to be a member of HPC to apply for a trip?

No, you do not have to be a member of HPC to apply. However, all team members need to have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. We do highly recommend everyone go through Next Steps (http://healingplacechurch.org/get-involved/next-steps) and be baptized (we offer water baptisms throughout the year). We encourage team members to be involved in a spiritual community. Each team member will be expected to participate in certain requirements for the trip including (but not limited to) team meetings and a background check. For some trips, team members will need to meet a certain age or skill requirement as well. We review all applications and communicate with applicants if there are any questions or concerns.

Am I required to know the language of the country I’ll be traveling to?

No. We will have translators on each trip.

How do I raise the funds necessary for the trip?

Each person will be responsible for raising the funds needed. We recommend sponsorship letters and personal fundraisers.


For questions, contact us at missions@healingplacechurch.org.

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